What Discovery Channel’s Sharkweek means for your business

One of my guilty pleasures is watching shark week. Over the years, Discovery channel has done a great job growing and promoting the buzz around their annual event.

This year, I found myself  paying attention to the main sponsors for the shark week event. In case you haven’t been a TV junkie like me, the two main sponsors they have been promoting are: Dunkin Doughnuts, and Volkswagen.  The reason I found myself paying attention was the first time I saw it I thought – what the heck do those things have to do with sharks in the ocean?

But then I realized that they found a fantastic way to play in to the huge media coverage that Discovery was already putting on. As a quick recap: here’s what Dunkin Doughnuts did. They sponsored a “take a bite take a pic” contest where they asked viewers to take a “selfie” of themselves taking a bite of their favorite snack and submit it to them. This was promoted as a graphic on many of the shows while running – and Discovery is doing the live “after” show every night – where they talk social media trends and talk about this promotion during the show as well. Brilliant! Great play right into the taking a bite….