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Memberium Membership Websites You’re ready to build or upgrade your membership site using WordPress, Memberium and Infusionsoft… plus probably more…

You’ve Got Content

We’ve Got the Engineering Skills to Build It

If you’re here – you’ve got the great idea

You just need it all pulled together or maybe to have a bit of a mess looked into. You have some awesome content ready to share to new members. So how are you presenting it?

Do you need a free “preview” mode

or maybe to incorporate gamification into your modules? Do you need an engaged community behind the scenes or perhaps custom upsell CTAs for different modules or memberships or use a credit system? Do you need a qualified team to work with your needs? As Memberium’s ONLY Certified Implementation Partner staffed referral company – you can bet we’re the team for you.

These are some of the questions

we’re going to ask you and implement in a way that integrates with and improves on your current systems. Our model is to help you launch successfully, provide the best customer service, know your metrics, and make the best value from your online content.

Our process

we will put you and your team in “engineering” mode – where we’re actively building and developing your new membership site. We’ll meet regularly ​to review progress and provide metrics. You’ll have as much or as little training as you’d like. So hands on or hands-off your support is our number one priority. 

Memberium Membership Websites

Jennifer has long been considered the “go-to” expert in integrated marketing technology and automation for all sorts of launches – company launches, product launches, sales launches, and more.

Jennifer is the “Tech-Nerd-Marketing-Expert” that you’ve been hoping for. She’s a known leader because she has what it takes to consistently deliver thriving launches through winning strategy and affordable marketing technology. She works to find the foundation of the systems you have in place and digs to improve and adjust for the best possible outcome.

Her love of geek is almost as much as her love of Formula 1, but don’t worry – she also speaks “entrepreneurees” and loves to translate “geek talk.” Really. It’s actually a thing.

Jenn loves to talk tech – so even if you’re looking for the best ways to present your ideas and how everything should tie together, she’s your gal.​

Memberium Membership Websites

Kyla is the Automation Specialist here at Formula Done. She’s been spotlighted for excellence in customer service and her ability to complete a job thoroughly. Kyla spent nearly 10 years helping grow a financial advisory firm through many different roles.

She joined our team in 2015 after using Infusionsoft for nearly 3 years and just couldn’t get enough. Kyla became an Infusionsoft Certified Partner in June of 2015 and a Certified Memberium Implementation Partner in June of 2017 (after having built many membership sites). Kyla quickly realized she was destined to build campaigns and assist small businesses with automation, membership sites and everything in between!​

When she’s not working her customer service magic and customizing automation to the nines, you can find her chasing around her 3 little boys (ages 5, 6 & 8) at the local race car track, a baseball diamond or at the latest superhero movie! And when that gets too boring, they pack up and head to the beautiful Idaho outdoors (lots of fishing and camping to endure)!