Return to Purple

I have been away from sharing real purple for quite a while now – and I found it really difficult to get back to. See – the surface reason is that I was pushing hard with my morning miracle routine, and exercising hard 5 days per week. I was feeling strong and fierce and all of the amazing things you would expect.


Then came trade show season. I had a trip to T&C in California – came back for less than a week, back to California for a mastermind weekend – home for a week and then off to Click Funnels in Florida. While these were amazing times what happened was while at T&C I got sick and spent my time at home recovering. Then got sick again after the mastermind weekend and spent the rest of my time between at home sleeping and recovering again. Then off to Click Funnels Funnel Hacking Live (amazing BTW) and, got sick again on the last day. So home again and resting again. Which then turned into pneumonia – a full week in bed – and then pleurisy. So – what I had were some amazing trips + seriously deteriorated health + no desire or strength to exercise + a rather upset husband that the small amount of time I did actually spend at home I was spending sleeping. True dat.


Now I’m mostly recovered – save some pretty serious pain in my rib area which is still preventing heavy exercise. But – I’m working to return to my morning routine and finding the journaling part to be very difficult.


And now that I’m sitting down here to actually share today I am actually hearing why. And the two big things that are standing out for me are letting go and being really open.


I’ll first start with being really open. I started this as a share about business and the things we go through as entrepreneurs. But truth is it’s oh so closely tied to us personally so what I found was that in sharing openly and really sharing I found myself writing things that I wouldn’t really normally share. I know that’s the point of realpurple. But when the rubber meets the road – these questions started to plague me… “What if my clients read about my problems?” “What if my family sees the real me?” and my husband started making comments after reading my posts about things I hadn’t been telling him so… guess I had to take a step back and say Am I REALLY ALL IN?


And that’s been tough to agree to. I thought about “cheating” and sharing just the parts that are easier to share – but that’s not what this and I am really all about. And I think what I needed was the letting go part to really make it happen.


Which leads me to the other thing that I realized.


I am a natural leader. I was doing my routine (before all the sickness) and feeling so strong and powerful and seeing how that was having such an influence on peoples’ lives. And LOVING it. And knowing I was leading my company to something great.


But then I spent a week in bed and came back totally weak. And life looks different from the back of the pack.


But you know what? My business didn’t implode and die because I wasn’t there for a week. And my income didn’t go down because I wasn’t there for a week. And customers didn’t hate me for being gone.


So I realized I have to let go of more things so that I can focus more on the things that are really going to drive the business forward. And myself. And while I felt like I was steering from the back of the pack it was still moving forward.


And now I have hired a full time project manager and am bringing on more full time people this week. And I have to let go of the need to control all of those things – and step into the new role I need to be. And that means letting go… and being open about all of the things in business and in me that are both helping and hindering.


I promise, more soon. And consistently. And real. Because hopefully this resonates with some of you and I can help move at least one person forward – I’m winning. 🙂