About Us

The Origins of Formula Done - Idaho's Only Infusionsoft Certified Partner Team

What started nearly 25 years ago as a home business with just one employee has grown to a team of 10+ working together to serve small businesses. We specialize in helping small businesses in the info marketing and content production fields launch new products, companies and initiatives that convert, all while making life easier on the business owner. Many of our clients include coaches, speakers, trainers, authors, consultants, and information marketers.

Our signature touch is our personal service and customization. No matter how big we grow, our personal service and customizable options will always be our roots, and what makes us stand apart from the competition.

Formula Done, formerly Kane & Associates, LLC - which was established in 1993 by The Launch Engineer, Jennifer Neal. Our roots begin in graphic design for small businesses and start ups. We soon added website design and maintenance and product and portrait photography. We have also become experts in trade show planning, marketing strategic planning and consultation. The elements we have found to be most effective over the years is our combined integrated marketing approach paired with marketing automation to save time, improve efficiency, and increase the bottom line without increasing resources. 

Jennifer NealHead Cheese

A race car is useless without the right fuel and a skilled driver….In the same way, a “Launch” is doomed without smooth marketing automation and an expert Launch Engineer.

That’s why so many small businesses, speakers, coaches, trainers, authors, and other info experts have been flocking to Jennifer Neal and Formula Done (previously called Kane & Associates) for over 20 years.

Jennifer has long been considered the “go-to” expert in integrated marketing technology and automation for all sorts of launches - company launches, product launches, sales launches, and more.

Jennifer is the “Tech-Nerd-Marketing-Expert” that you’ve been hoping for. She’s a known leader because she has what it takes to consistently deliver thriving launches through winning strategy and affordable marketing technology.

Her love of geek is almost as much as her love of Formula 1, but don't worry - she also speaks "entrepreneurees" and loves to translate "geek talk." Really. It's actually a thing.

Kyla SigmanAutomation Specialist

Kyla wants to live in a world filled with innovative businesses, keyboards bundled with milk chocolate and a dryer that folds clothes, too.

As an Automation Specialist, she's been spotlighted along with her co-workers for their excellence in customer service and ability to complete a job thoroughly. Kyla spent nearly 10 years helping grow a financial advisory firm through many different roles. 

She joined our team here at Formula Done after using Infusionsoft for nearly 3 years and just couldn't get enough. Kyla became an Infusionsoft Certified Partner in June of 2015 and very quickly realized she was destined to build campaigns and assist small businesses with automation!

When she's not working her customer service magic and customizing automation to the nines, you can find her chasing around her 3 little boys (ages 4,5 and 8) at the local race car track, a baseball diamond or soccer field! And when that gets too boring, they pack up and head to the beautiful Idaho outdoors (lots of fishing and camping to endure)!​