Jennifer Neal
The Launch Engineer

Your expert in online integrated marketing technology and automation. You're looking for some help getting the technical wings behind your funnel or upcoming launch, or you're ready to take your business to the next online level and aren't sure what technology resources you need to make that happen. Or you're ready to integration systems automations to make your business processes run more smoothly and efficiently, freeing you up to do the things you should be doing.


Jennifer is the only Launch Engineer in existance and has the unique ability to understand your business and apply the tools you need.

The planning kit designed to help you figure out your online promotions - what, when, where and how to plan your
integrated online marketing strategy for success

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“The easiest way to automate your small business sales and marketing.”

Launch your next big event, product, service, or business and finally get the response you deserve!

If you’re a small business owner who is sick and tired of juggling the ever changing complexities of “marketing technology” and you just want to do what you love, help more people, make more money, and have more time, then you absolutely need our world class Done-For-You launch services.

Because just like you wouldn’t show up in a “jalopy” to a world-class auto event, you shouldn’t show up for your marketing race without a powerful vehicle. If you really want to win in your business, you need a primed engine, a sweet ride, and an expert driver to zoom you across the finish line.

That’s why Formula Done exists. We’re your one stop shop that will not only help you figure out exactly what you need to win the race, but will also actually do the work for you!

Our proprietary Formula Done Marketing Formula is the perfect concoction for those looking to launch a converting campaign: strategic small business planning, mixed with custom tailored marketing, and stirred with the most sophisticated (yet affordable) marketing technology that makes even the “pros” jealous.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride. We’ll take the wheel from here…

On your mark...Get set...GO drive conversions, rev up sales, and create a raving fans!

With Formula Done, your next launch will have a primed engine, a sweet ride, and an expert driver.

Services We Offer - Find Your Fit

A quick private consult with a personalized tech diagnosis so you know what tools to use and how they fit together.

Our online group where we answer your tech questions, and review additional tools.

Tech for beginners. Using a shared service to get you professional tools at a fraction of the price.

Small private 5-day events where we come together in person and implement the next step in your business - an intensive done for you service.

Monthly retainer & custom packages for ongoing done for you customized support of membership sites, automation, funnels and more.

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